• Guests shall use the dwellings as a vacation home for themselves and their guests use and enjoyment. Guests shall not use the dwellings for any illegal or improper use.

  • Guests agree the dwellings shall be a non-smoking environment. No smoking is allowed anywhere in the dwellings. Smoking if necessary, will be done out doors and butts placed in proper containment. Butts will not be put on the ground.

  • Guests agree that no more than eight residents are allowed in the lodge and four in the cottage overnight, without the express permission of the owners.

  • Both the dwellings come fully furnished and equipped. The following items are provided: All linens, second set of linens, towels,(excluding beach towels) wash cloths, fully equipped kitchen appliances and utensils, TV. DVD, VCR, & assorted tapes. Beach items include beach chairs, a few sand toys, and other various items. These items are not guaranteed to be present, but all endeavors are made to have these items available to the guests. Use of any personal property provided by the owner is done at guest’s own risk. A variety of yard games are provided.

  • An initial stock of paper and cleaning products will be provided. Guests are therefore responsible for these items as they are needed ,and replaced when supply is exhausted.

  • There is outdoor parking available as follows. Lodge: two vehicles. Cottage: one vehicle.
    Arrangements may be made for additional space with permission from the owner

  • Should a guest’s check be returned for whatever reason, the guest shall be liable for the fee charged by the bank for this penalty.

  • Cancellation fee: Please notify owners in writing immediately of any necessary cancellations. See cancellation policy for details. A minimum weekly fee will be imposed as follows: Lodge, one hundred dollars. Cottage, fifty dollars.

  • Guest agrees to accept the responsibility for regular upkeep of the dwellings throughout their stay, and all efforts should be made to leave these dwellings as clean and neat as found for  for the next persons use. If any furniture has been moved it is to be replaced as found. Arrangements may be made with the owner for outside cleaning help if necessary. Trash and recyclables  are to be keep in the designated areas.

    We request that you please water any inside plants. Please report any malfunctions of any of the appliances immediately to the owners to facilitate a timely repair. Appliances cannot be guaranteed but every effort is made to have all appliances in good working order.

  • We ask that the owners are informed of any condition that may cause damage to the house. We expect all aspects of the dwellings furnishings and appliances and the like, will be left in as good condition as found.

  • The owners will pay for all utilities unless prior arrangements have been made with the owners. There is wireless (Linksys) Internet access included with the rental at no additional charge. Cable television is also provided. There are phones provided for emergency use only and ask that guests use cell phones for their personal use.

  • Keys are provided, however are not considered a necessity. A set may be found on the kitchen tables. We ask that they are placed back in that location  prior to your departure. Both dwellings will be open and unlocked upon your arrival.

  • The fireplace wood stove in the lodge unfortunately cannot be used due to insurance restrictions.
  • Owners insurance does not cover personal property of the guests. Owner shall not be held liable for any such losses of these items.

  • If entry for repairs or show is required owners have the right to enter the dwellings for purpose of repairs, show, and inspection. The owner shall give reasonable notice of intent to enter except in the case of an emergency.

  • The guest shall be entitled to quiet enjoyment of the dwellings for the term of their rental.
    In retrospect the guests shall not disturb neighbors with loud music or noise.

  • Guests shall not sub-let or lease any part of either dwelling.

This agreement imposes an obligation of good faith in its performance by both the owners and guests.

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